As the vibrant colors of autumn foliage blanket the streets, riding an electric scooter through the crisp fall air can be an exhilarating experience. However, as the season changes, so do the challenges you may face on the road. Follow these tips to keep in mind when zipping around in the fall.Β 

Before reading further, refresh your safe riding practices with our 6 Safe Riding Tips to Follow!Β 


1. Slippery Leaves

The picturesque fall leaves that carpet the ground can pose a hidden danger. Wet or dry, leaves can be slippery and reduce your escooter's tire traction. Exercise caution when riding over leaf-covered surfaces, and be prepared to slow down when approaching leaf-strewn paths.Β 

2. Wet Surfaces

Fall weather can be unpredictable, with sudden rain, sunlit roads, and frosted surfaces. Always check the forecast before heading out and avoid riding in the rain to prevent water damage over time. Take extra care when braking, accelerating, and turning. Allow for increased stopping distances and avoid sudden movements to prevent skidding.

3. Reduced Daylight

With the days growing shorter, visibility becomes a concern. Before each ride, check your lights, brakes, and escooter frame to ensure everything is in working order. Wear reflective clothing or accessories to enhance your visibility to others on the road. Be especially cautious during dawn and dusk when light conditions are changing rapidly.

4. Cold Battery Performance

Lithium-ion batteries’ capacity to hold a charge will decrease in cold temperatures and naturally the riding range will decrease which requires charging more often. Since the optimal operating temperature is close to Β 25 ℃ to deliver 100% charge, most electric vehicles will typically only deliver 65% at 0 ℃.Β 

Here’s a battery capacity vs. temperature chart showing how much a battery charge can change throughout the seasons.

5. Cleaning

As we transition into winter, the roads will soon be salted and this can be damaging to the metal on escooter wheels. To prevent the formation of rust, clean the salt and water off your escooter after each ride. Simply wipe the grime off with a dry cloth. Pay special attention to the tires and underneath the deck.

6. Charging and Storage

Planning to store your escooter away for the Winter? Store it indoors! Always leave at least 20% charge in your escooter at all times. Don’t allow the battery to run flat.Β 

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By considering these cautions, riders can enjoy the beauty of Fall while ensuring a safe and enjoyable electric experience. Embrace the autumn scenery, but remember that safety should always be a top priority on two wheels.