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With a range of up to 40 km, a top speed of up to 35 km/h, and completely foldable in under 10 seconds, they truly are, the ultimate last mile solution.

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Key Features



They’re safe. Functional personal transportation devices with front and rear lights, rear brakes and safety locks.



They’re convenient and portable. Foldable for easy storage under your work desk or in the trunk of your car. Take it everywhere.



They’re efficient. Each charge takes you at least 22 kilometers and at speeds of up to 30 km/hr.


Easy to Use

They’re easy to use. You don’t even need to know how to ride a bicycle to ride on our electric scooters.

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Customer Reviews

I recently purchased an Inokim Light and it was such a great experience. Ambrose was great explaining to me the details of their products and asked specific questions on which scooter would best suit me. The scooter is very well made and loads of fun to ride. I currently use this as my daily commuter to work of about 10km and I honestly wish i bought this a long time ago. I could have saved tons of money spending it on gas and car maintenance. These are great scooters and doesnt even compare to other scooters that big box stores sell or those made in china. Great product, great support, great experience!
Sonic Zpeed
17:28 15 May 18
I had a great experience with my purchase.From their website to the reaction times when I had questions before my purchase to their after sales service offered free of charge.The team seems very passionate about their craft and seems interested in offering a different transportion option.The location of the store is a bit inaccessible by foot but easily accessible by car.
Robin Field
02:47 06 Apr 18
Urban Machina is friendly, knowledgeable and passionate about their product. I paid in full for a gorgeous scooter coming in but was unsure if it was the right fit for my lifestyle. They knew of my hesitation and offered a full refund if I decided not to complete. Awesome customer service! W Cunningham. Kelowna BC.
Wendy Cunningham
23:44 28 May 18
Purchased an Inokim Light. Best purchase I ever made. Scooter is very reliable. I have 97 Miles on it right now.Urban Machina has a solid knowledgeable friendly business. Always ship what i need quickly. I ordered my Inokim Light online from Chicago. 👍🛴🇺🇸
nate love
20:41 15 Apr 18
Wasn't even aware of the store and its location, but well worth the search! Close to Home Depot on Terminal. Scooters were surprisingly easy to use and so fun to ride, especially in groups. I made an appointment with Olivia, and she was really friendly and informative. Not pushy at all. Really good after-sales service offered, but I haven't had any issues yet. I use my e-scooter purely for recreational rides, but can see how they could be really convenient for commuting. Highly recommend.
colin lee
16:45 06 Oct 17
Great team of knowledgeable professional, the answer all questions on the spot through Facebook messenger which makes the interaction with them very efficient! Eventhough I live in a different continent I received very good and fast service from them, even better than most of the stores in my own country! Highly reccomend, buying an electronic scooter from people that know their business is very important to me as it gives me confidence in the products they sell and also after sale service! 5⭐️!
Tamar Alkobi
07:58 19 Apr 18
Out of the blue, I called Urban Machina for information on purchasing an Inokim Scooter - they could have not been any kinder. They were so patient in answering all my questions and truly walked me through all I needed to know. I definitely look forward to the continued relationship as I need parts, etc. Thank you guys for being so great!
Joshua Kalev
09:13 22 Jul 18
Considering that Urban Machina sells what seems to be the best scooter on the market today it's no surprise they also have great service. I like the Inokim and the fun it is to ride so much that I now have 2. I started with the exhilarating Inokim Light 2 in July mostly for city commuting. I am now awaiting the arrival of my Inokim OX Hero which I purchased in late August. The OX will be for more adventurous riding on trails and the like.I'm 58 and feel like a big kid having the time of his life riding these machines. Hopefully I'm all the more wiser too. I always wear a helmet, the Kask helmet they sell is pretty stylin. I've also bought a full face motorcycle helmet to use with the OX. I always ride responsibly and realize that these are fairly new to the west coast. Cyclists, pedestrians and motor vehicles all need to be given the utmost of respect. We scriders need to learn to fit in with them not the other way around. I highly recommend Urban Machina and the Inokim line of scooters. Many thanks to Ambrose and all the folks at Urban Machina.Richard Gould
Richard Gould
09:41 31 Aug 18
Great Customer Service!I can tell you from first hand experience that these people are really great to deal with. I am from the United States and it was still amazing. They answered all my questions and got back to me in a timely manner. Came through on what they said they were going to do. What more can you ask for? Just a great overall experience with them and would definitely recommend them to anyone. Thank you again for my new toy!
Danny Gee
15:45 22 Sep 18
Very happy with my inokim light 2. I hardly drive to work any more, instead I use the scooter for the last 2 km when I get off the skytrain.
Steve i
21:56 11 Nov 18
Great customer service!! They answered all my questions. Definitely 5 gold stars!
abdul maidin
21:45 14 Nov 18
As far as service goes, this was sublime. I was walked through the specs, and every one of my questions was answered. The seller even went as far as to correct a previous statement on the battery supplier for my model, so that shows obvious care. Even with an item missing in my shipment, the offer for a replacement was quick, another nice touch.A little bit about my scooter. I asked for the best in class torque in their range, and was pointed in the direction of the Inokim OX. Let me tell you, for the price, this thing is a literal monster. It eats up slopes like crazy, skins and all, though I have yet to extensively test its capabilities.I would say first impressions of the service are pretty good. I certainly hope they will help me iron out a few kinks with my purchase, but I am pleased with the service thus far.Even though my interaction with the company was short, I feel confident that with Urban Machina, I am in good hands. I believe anyone else would be as well.I never thought green commuting would be this fun!
Shingirayi Mutandiro
04:17 30 Nov 18
This company is the best. Fast response to all my questions, usually on the same day! They sent videos on how to do the minor repair on my IMax S1 scooter. It saved me lots of money because I live in NYC and simple repairs on a scooter are really expensive here. Don't look any further for help, connect with Urban Machina!
Leo Finnie
05:12 07 Jan 19
Great store and staff! Very helpful and customer service is great. Quick replies and very nice people. Would recommend to anyone who wants to go green! Cheers Urban Machina! Good job guys!
squints foo
01:00 19 Jan 19
I don’t have words to explain how great is the customer service of Urban Machina. I needed to replace the rear inner tube of my scooter and they provided me all the details, step by step, to do it appropriately. I would say that this company is offering an outstanding service since helped me to not waste my time. I would recommend Urban Machina 100%.
Rafa Paradela
03:08 19 Feb 19
The guys ate simply the best! I ordered a scooter to be delivered to California, and it got here in 3 days. In addition, the warranty distance service was very smooth, and all parts in and out of warranty were delivered in few days. One of the greatest service in North America! Cheers , and happy shopping!
Phil D
22:34 27 Mar 19
Overall good store and staff. Responsive to emails and always willing to help. My only negative is the very high cost of shipping on spare parts. I had written a similar review a few months ago but seems like it got deleted.
Michael L
00:41 28 Mar 19
I bought today the evolv tour. Im super happy . thank you
gerardo koltu
03:47 22 May 19
Very knowledgable about their products!Amazing buy!
Anson Liu
14:17 29 May 19
Amazing customer service!Bought the Halo City One Mile Scooter from them and I am beyond happy with it. Urban Machina also services so if you pop a tire or need a part they can assist you. Highly recommend.
Luci K
23:39 08 Jun 19
To start, fantastic products, great service and excellent pricing! Some background: I live about 10km from my place of work, and had made the decision last year to walk that distance and cut out transit to save money, and improve my health. Rain or shine I walked in to work and lost weight, but also lost time. In 2019 I became more active and walking was no longer a suitable option, but transit in my area had only gotten worse. I started researching alternatives and landed on an E-Scooter and immediately fell in love with the size, speed, range, and potential these devices have. On average you'll find E-scooters that go 15mph which will really assist you in getting to work when you need that extra push. But I found the average range and power just wouldn't suffice for my commute which included rough terrain, steep grades, and heavy commuter traffic on bike routes and sidewalks. Thankfully I found Urban Machina which stocked brands capable of 15mph and more at comparable pricing to other brands I was finding online. After much research I settled on the Evolv line of Scooters, determined to get the "Pro" but unaware of the beastly size at the time I eventually settled for the "Tour" which itself is a bit of a chore going up 4 flights of stairs. The team here listened to what I'd be using it for, and how often I'd be using it. This isn't a toy for me but rather a means to get to work and reclaim some lost time on a day to day basis. For one I needed security, Bikes are the number one hot ticket item to steal in my city and so I want something I can carry with me and safely put way. I also live in a city where living space is increasingly getting smaller so I needed an option that can compress and get tucked away at home and at work. Next up I needed something that can last my commute. Using bike routes my E-Scooter would be going 24km a day round trip through various terrain and traffic. The tour manages that easily and with battery life to spare provided I'm not going full throttle on the highest setting. Speaking of settings and speed, the Tour manages 42kmh easily but I rarely need to go that speed and barely need to break 32kmh to get to work in 30 minutes. It's reduced my commute by 75% and I'm going a longer route on average! I can't praise this company enough really and I feel like I'm dragging on so I'll make it short. I get asked daily now where I purchased my Scooter and I'm happy to tell people I purchased locally from Urban Machina. I can also say I've met two people in the past week during my ride that know of this company and have been considering the Inokim line. They are both now also considering Evolv as an option after talking with me and seeing it in action. I hope to have more photos and updates in the future regarding maintenance etc! Thanks a ton!
Ouiji Arking
05:40 13 Jun 19
I did only some inquiries thru email regarding some matters but the customer service provided was polite and the answers given were very informative.
Charles Peter Villon
18:26 20 Jun 19
First of all, when I was debating which scooter to purchase, Urban Machina promptly answered my many questions. Second, once I placed my order, communication remained top notch. They sent me a tracking number with updates regarding delivery. Can’t say good things about Urban Machina. The scooter that I purchased, the Ikonim OXO, is absolutely incredible! It is so torquey that you really do need to be careful the first time you put it into second and third speed. The scooter was packaged extremely well and included an easy-to-understand manual, a small set of tools, an extra safety band, a tire removal tool, and a tire pump. Wow! If you’re looking to buy a scooter in Canada I would highly recommend Urban Machina.
Cynthia Karpan
17:09 21 Jun 19
I made a mistake on my order and these folks were absolutely excellent in their customer service and understanding. I would not hesitate to go back to Urban Machina again, they are an awesome bunch.
Damon Ramsey
16:32 05 Jul 19
Great service! I really appreciate that the team did a pre-shipping checklist before sending me my scooter.
Cedric Ng
00:33 26 Jul 19
I am in Toronto, and I bought inokim quick3 super, unfortunately my scooter had charging problem, but service team gave me quick support, and i was happy with that.
20:23 13 Aug 19
I like how friendly their team is(on-site and email). I was able to test ride the Evolv scooters and immediately knew what I wanted. It's also good to know that whatever scooter I buy from them, can also be serviced BY them.
15:29 22 Aug 19
Great company - very helpful with their service and recommendations. They have also helped me in my business - best b.
William Greenbaum
19:55 29 Aug 19
Urban machine only sells quality scooters they stand behind their products! As well as their award winning service and support going above the limits of there own inventory...A.T. is the best man to talk to if your in the market for an escooter!
John Mason
06:03 30 Oct 19
Ordered the Evolv Pro Plus. Great scooter! The shipping was delayed at the Canadian customs because of the lithium battery. Urban Machina's customer service were awesome and super patient with my constant nagging and inquiring about the delivery status; they even included a handle bar bag! I would definitely recommend this place.
Abdulrahman Bunni
18:11 31 Oct 19
While I find there’s nothing wrong with the service or customer support from this business, I would like to warn others about the general low quality and delicateness of these scooters. I purchased my Light 2 for around $1700. I used it to commute 5k each way to work and got about 7 months (1400 km) out of before it was destroyed by my use of the scooter in the rain. In addition to this, I twice had flat tires that were caused by poor inner-tube quality and no suspension on the machine. The rear fender also broke for the same reason. Urban Machina will now charge me around $350.00 to get the scooter working again. This will all put me at a use-cost of around $1.50 per km after 7 months. This is hardly economical transportation. When I bought the scooter I was told it could be used in light rain. We live in Vancouver and sometimes it rains, even on work days. If you’re planning to use your scooter for short work commutes, do not buy it from Urban Machina. You will destroy it if you get caught in the rain and they will offer zero in the way of warranty. I am currently looking at another scooter from a different vendor. The new scooter has an IP (ingress protection) rating and the vendor has assured me that many Vancouverites use the machine all year round for commuting. My purchase of the LIGHT 2 from Urban Machina was an experiment. It failed miserably. These machines are very delicate and are not suited to commuting. If your desire is to ride the scooter only on dry summer days and to travel routes that are entirely free of bumps, and your usage will be very low, then their machines might suit you. But then, they are not really priced for that category. I will be writing an article in the next few months that will explore various brands of scooters and their overall ruggedness and reliability. I will also be gathering data to compile a list of cost-of-use for various brands. The concept of the electric scooter is brilliant. They have the potential to revolutionize personal transportation. However, in order to be successful, quality and real practicality (the ability to get home from work should it start raining) will have to be introduced into the marketplace. My experience so far has not been good in this regard.
22:46 04 Nov 19
After a few months with my first scooter (NOT from Urban Machina), I enjoyed the experience and the ride was fast and fun. This past fall, I decided to upgrade to a more substantial model because I became more serious about using it for my daily commute downtown. A co-worker recommended Urban Machina, as she had a great experience with them and was in her third year with one of their scooters. After much scooter research in general, looking at many models, I went to Urban Machina for a test ride as I was pretty much set on the Onikim Ox. The whole experience was pleasant and very helpful. These are very knowledgeable people and the mechanic is first rate! The fact there is an actual dealership with a service centre gives me a lot of confidence. And I could not be happier with my scooter!
Stan Edmonds
23:24 02 Jan 20
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