We know it's getting cold. Possibly freezing for some of us!

Whether you’re planning to ride in autumn and winter or storing your electric scooter until theΒ  snow melts, we’ve got some tips to keep you going.

Battery Health & Winter Storage

Follow these 5 tips to keep your battery healthy!

When a lithium-ion battery is exposed to cold temperatures, its capacity to hold a charge decreases and its internal resistance builds up. Naturally, the range will decrease and the electric scooter will require charging more often. The optimal operating temperature is close to 25 ℃, so aΒ  battery at 25℃ offering 100% will typically only deliver 65% at 0 ℃.Β 

Here’s a battery capacity vs. temperature chart showing how much a battery charge can change throughout the seasons.Β 

Are you planning to brave the cold and ride? With a bit more preparation, you can scoot all year round! Plan ahead, dress for visibility and stay safe.

1. Plan AheadΒ 

Make it your habit to check the day’’s weather forecast before riding out. It’s best to not ride in the rain! Plan routes ahead of time and choose paths that are well maintained with high visibility.Β 

2. Be Visible

Wear bright or reflective clothing when riding at night. Alert other riders on the road with an electric horn, ringing a bell and strap-on lights. The City of Vancouver reminds everyone to β€œBe aware of your surroundings. Remove your headphones, put away your mobile device or other distractions,” in this Safety Tips article.

3. Beware ofΒ Road Salt

Salt on roads can prevent slippery accidents but also ruin the metal on escooter wheels. As the salt mixes with moisture, it speeds up the formation of rust. Clean the salt and water off your escooter after each ride. Pay close attention to the tires and underneath the deck. Otherwise, the escooter will be sitting in moisture until the next time you ride, resulting in rust.Β 

4. Time to Recharge

If you’ve just finished a ride, bring your escooter inside and let it acclimatize to indoor temperatures before charging. This is a healthier way to recharge your escooter and gives you an accurate battery voltage reading.

We share the road with drivers, cyclists and pedestrians so ride safely!Β