WEPED has arrived in Canada!

Developed in Korea, the WEPED electric scooter sets a new standard for quality and radical design. These electric scooters have been tested to be the highest performing last mile solution to deliver an exceptional riding experience.

The WEPED Fold is a tank of a machine, built for thrill seekers with an appetite for speed and power. Choose between a single motor Fold S or dual drive Fold D. Its slimmer sibling, the WEPED F12 packs a lighter punch in larger tires, for riders wanting the same riding style with a more economical power plant.


 Features of the WEPED Fold include:

Immense Power: Engage dual motors and easily climb hills or rough terrain. Ride with total control at high speeds, supported by its solid frame.

One of a Kind: Intricately engineered to endure the test of time. Curved stem and wide handlebars for ease in steering. 

Suspension: Ride comfortably with dual spring suspension. With pneumatic tires and dual suspension, ride smoothly over any bump on the road.

Water Resistance: Come rain or shine, this scooter is rated IP65. It's fully protected from dust particles and sealed against low-pressure jets of water directed from any angle.

For more specifications: WEPED Fold and WEPED F12




A class of its own, the WEPED FF is made for riders seeking a new frontier in riding. Engage dual motors for powerful hill climbing abilities. Enjoy riding fast with hydraulic disc brakes to deliver immediate stopping power.

Features of WEPED FF include:

Unleashed Power: Ride through bumpy roads with ease and get anywhere faster at a peak power of 12,000 Watts with dual motors. 

Continuous Riding: Equipped with a large  Samsung 60V 30 Ah battery, plan your next adventure without range anxiety. 

Stopping Power: Dual hydraulic disc brakes for maximum stopping power when riding at a top speed of 90 km/h. 

For more specifications: WEPED FF


WEPED Fold, F12 and FF are currently available for pre-orders (May Delivery).