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We're thrilled to be your official Canadian stop for VSETT electric scooters. Years of experience has led VSETT to combining the most in-demand features of electric scooters into the ultimate line of models. From its folding and locking feature, turning signal lights and key card lock, the VSETT models don't miss a thing!

Feature Highlights:

Triple Safety Lock Mechanism: The VSETT eliminates stem wobble with a three features: large locking clamp, a spring-loaded safety pin and a threaded lock. 

Stem Shape: The tubular stem is pentagon shaped to provide more points of support and durability when riding. 

Dual Suspension: All VSETT models feature dual spring suspension to optimize shock absorption and comfort when riding over large bumps.

Key Card Lock: The NFC key lock immobilizer ensures only the rider has access to starting their electric scooter. Android phones and smart watches with NFC readers, will also be able to unlock the VSETT. Add this feature to an alarm system and lock as an additional deterrence for theft.

Kickplate Doubles as Carry Handle: With dual motors, every model features a sturdy kick-plate for extra grip when riding at high speeds. The built-in carry handle in the kick-plate makes it easy for riders to lift their VSETT.

Signal Turn Lighting: A sought-after feature in every electric scooter, the VSETT models all have turn signals integrated into the handlebars. Once pressed, they turn on for 20 seconds before automatically turning off. 

 VSETT 8 Series

The most nimble and agile model among the VSETT range. VSETT 8 is a  combination of power, portability and sleek design for the best commuter ride. The only electric scooter of its class to have integrated turn signals.

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VSETT 9 Series

The VSETT 9 is a great option for riders seeking to balance their off-road ambitions and city commute. This slim frame can be securely locked in place when folded with the locking stem. Convenient and easy for transportation!

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VSETT 10 Series

For the ultimate ride and power, the VSETT 10 boasts a spacial deck with the best riding experience. Aggressive styling with hydraulic coil and and swing arm suspension design for combatting all terrains.

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VSETT Pre-Orders are estimated for June Delivery.

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