Urban Machina offers the Monday Electric Bikes for the BC E-bike Rebate Program. It’s available for purchasing from the Urban Machina website (https://urbanmachina.com/collections/e-bike). The BC E-bike rebate program is taking applications from the website (https://bcebikerebates.ca/4easysteps/).

Thursday, June 1st – Vancouver, Canada - Urban Machina (www.urbanmachina.com), a leading provider of cutting-edge electric mobility solutions, is thrilled to announce its participation in the BC E-bike Rebate Program. As part of this exciting initiative, Urban Machina's Monday electric bikes will be eligible for substantial rebates, providing riders with a remarkable opportunity to save while embracing an eco-friendly alternative to traditional transportation. 

The BC E-bike Rebate Program, an initiative led by the Government of British Columbia, aims to promote sustainable mobility options by encouraging residents to adopt electric bicycles. By offering significant rebates, the program incentivizes individuals to make the switch to electric bikes and reduce their carbon footprint.


Urban Machina's Monday electric bikes are perfectly aligned with the objectives of the BC E-bike Rebate Program. Featuring powerful motors, long-lasting batteries, and intuitive controls, Monday electric bikes deliver an efficient, comfortable, and enjoyable mode of transportation for urban dwellers.

By joining forces with the BC E-bike Rebate Program, Urban Machina is making it even more enticing for riders to choose Monday electric bikes. The rebates will significantly lower the initial purchase cost, making these eco-friendly vehicles more accessible to a broader range of individuals. 

To take advantage of the BC E-bike Rebate Program and discover the incredible Monday electric bikes from Urban Machina, visit urbanmachina.com or book at test ride at the Hybrid Lab. Act quickly, as the rebate program has limited availability and is offered on a first-come, first-served basis. 

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About Urban Machina

Urban Machina is a Canadian distributor of electric vehicles, with the goal to make personal transportation fun, easy and efficient. 

Currently, there are seven premium brands in their collection - EVOLV Rides, INOKIM, VSETT, WEPED, LEVY, UNAGI and Monday Motorbikes. Along with two showroom locations in British Columbia, Urban Machina has built an online support center and servicing network to address a diverse range of needs. 

Learn more about Urban Machina at urbanmachina.com