EVOLV launches the highly anticipated upgrade to the EVOLV Pro series. TheΒ EVOLV Pro V2 boasts new features that will enhance the off-road riding experience for thrill seekers. It’s available for reservation from the Urban Machina website (urbanmachina.com/products/evolv-pro-v2) as of today.Β 

Β Wednesday, March 8th - Vancouver, Canada - Urban Machina (www.urbanmachina.com), a leading distributor of electric vehicles, is proud to announce the release of the EVOLV Pro V2 electric scooter.

Β The EVOLV Pro V2 represents the next generation of electric scooters, offering riders unparalleled performance, range, and safety features. The EVOLV Pro V2 features powerful motors, capable of reaching speeds up to 70 km/h and peak power of 3,600W (R-version). Plan longer rides with a battery packed with superior 21700 cells and a range of 80 km (R-version).

One of the standout features of the EVOLV Pro V2 is its user-friendly interface. Riders can easily adjust settings such as speed and acceleration using the scooter's simple and intuitive controls. The LED display shows important information such as dual motor status, battery life, speed, and distance traveled. The EVOLV Pro V2 is loaded with advanced safety features. This vehicle is equipped with running lights capable of 100+ colourful patterns, signal lights, and electric horn.Β 

Β "At Urban Machina, we're committed to providing eco-friendly transportation solutions that are both practical and fun," said Urban Machina spokesperson.

"The EVOLV Pro V2 electric scooter is a perfect example of this commitment, offering riders a powerful and sustainable way to navigate any terrain while prioritizing safety and comfort."

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Full Specifications: EVOLV Pro V2

Media inquiries: hello@urbanmachina.com

About Urban Machina

Urban Machina is a Canadian distributor of electric vehicles, with the goal to make personal transportation fun, easy and efficient.Β 

Currently, there are seven premium brands in their collection - EVOLV Rides, INOKIM, VSETT, WEPED, LEVY, UNAGI and Monday Motorbikes. Along with two showroom locations in British Columbia, Urban Machina has built an online support center and servicing network to address a diverse range of needs.Β 

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