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The minimalist Workhorse


Winner of the Red Dot Design Award, the IMAX S1+ is known for its sturdiness and quietness.

Urban Machina is the only place in North America that stocks this version of the IMAX S1+ (11.6Ah battery). Its unique Dutch design is a mark of simplicity. Its wide solid deck accommodates larger feet, while the handle bar is long and feels steady to steer with. Also, the integrated plastic fenders keep you dry.

The IMAX S1+ has the most rugged build and is often claimed to be the “SUV” of electric scooters, the S1+ can take a load of up to 120 kg. It is equipped with a powerful 48V/500W motor and can go up to a speed of 32 km/h.  The S1+’s wide 10″ front and rear pneumatic tires enable shock absorption for a comfortable ride, going through bumpy roads effortlessly. The folding mechanism design of the handle bar and body allows for quick folding and unfolding when time is of the essence. You can watch a tutorial on the new folding mechanism here.  Headlamp featured in photograph sold separately.

Download the User Manual.

Environmentally Friendly

Our products are alternative transportation options, designed to be efficient, eco-friendly and effective. The average commute from home to work is about 6km to 7km one way. Our foldable electric vehicles will eliminate the need to drive, and get you where you need to be without the use of a gas consuming vehicle. Urban Machina is committed to reducing the impact of carbon producing vehicles. Urban mobility is essential and affects our quality of life. Let’s navigate our beautiful cities, the earth-friendly way. Here’s more about us.



  • Range 30 - 35 km
  • Charge Time 4 -6 hrs
  • Top Speed 32 km/h
  • Weight 17.9 kg
  • Max Load 120 kg
  • Foldable Size 105 x 20 x 40 cm
  • Unfold Size 105 x 50 x 120 cm
  • Transmission 48V 500W motor
  • Battery Li-Ion 48V 11.6 Ah


  • Green Wood Deck
  • Natural Wood Deck
  • Orange