Visiting Our Showroom

Showroom Visits 

Shopping from outside of Vancouver? We are ready to conduct virtual visits of our showroom for customers that are not able to visit us in-person!

Book Online for Test Rides
To serve you better, we highly recommend making an appointment before your visit.

If you can't find a suitable time, please contact us prior to visiting our showroom so we can find an available time slot.

    Kindly note: Customers are still required to wear a face mask or face covering in our showroom. For test rides, you are encouraged to bring your own helmets.

    Where are we located?

    1868 Glen Dr, Suite 231
    Vancouver, British Columbia

    We are in the GX building, next to MOE’s home furniture and across from the Home Depot on Glen and Terminal.

    1. The door will say ‘Wholesalers Only’ but you can come in
    2. Go up the stairs and turn right
    3. Go down the hall and turn left at the elevators
    4. Follow the path until you reach #231
    1. Go down the hall to the elevators and come up to the 2nd floor
    2. Go straight down the hall until you reach #231