Like all vehicles, your electric scooter will require some light maintenance from time to time.   Not everyone is a mechanic, and you don’t need to be to do quick fixes on your electric scooter!  We have produced some step-by-step tutorial videos on the common quick fixes.

Keep checking back as we will produce more tutorials and set up guides for you. If you do not see a video for a quick fix you need, or you prefer our technicians to take a look for you, contact us to schedule a service.


EVOLV CITY Startup Guide

EVOLV TOUR Startup Guide

EVOLV PRO Startup Guide


INOKIM OX Startup Guide

INOKIM OX General Maintenance

INOKIM OX Tire Change 



INOKIM Light Startup Guide

INOKIM Light Maintenance Tutorial

INOKIM Light 2 Tube Change 

INOKIM Light Tire Change 

INOKIM Quick 3 Startup Guide

INOKIM Seat Installation Guide

OneMile Halo City

OneMile Halo City Startup Guide

OneMile Halo City Maintenance Tutorial