Ride Share Partners

Drive and Earn Extra Dollars

Are you ready to boost your earnings while contributing to a greener future? We're thrilled to introduce our affiliate program designed exclusively for ride share drivers like you! By joining our affiliate program, you can earn up to C$200 in commission for every passenger who purchases an electric scooter through your referral link.

Here's why you should join our affiliate program today:

Lucrative Commission: Earn 6% for each electric scooter sale generated through your referral link. For example: If a passenger purchases the EVOLV Pro V2 (worth C$2,649.00) with your referral link, you will receive 6% of that sale.Β 

Eco-Friendly Initiative: By promoting electric scooters, you're not only earning money but also contributing to a sustainable future. Electric scooters reduce carbon emissions, alleviate traffic congestion, and promote cleaner air in our cities.

Marketing Material:Β We'll supply you with signage with your referral link to display inside your vehicle.Β With our affiliate program, you can effortlessly integrate referral promotions into your ride share routine, maximizing your earning potential without disrupting your workflow.

Are you eligible?Β 

Ready to start earning extra income while promoting sustainability? Here's what we're looking for:

  • Drives ride share full time.Β 
  • Access to your own vehicle.
  • 4 Star rating of higher.

To sign up or learn more, please apply below and our team will be in touch if you qualify. Let's work together to drive change, one electric scooter at a time!