Special Orders FAQ

Why is WEPED a special order? Do you not stock it?

We would love to stock the WEPED, and we occasionally do.  However in general, the WEPED production is limited and based on a made to order production process.  

How much do I pay for a WEPED special order?

Our special orders are risk-free and paid in full.  50% of the cost of the order is fully refundable, less processing fees, if you change your mind before delivery.  The remaining 50% is non-refundable, but it is transferrable and can be applied to other electric scooters, parts and accessories we have in stock.  The remaining 50% unfortunately cannot be transferred to another special order.

What is the special order process for WEPED?

After we receive your full payment, we will put in the order for your scooter.  We consolidate and place WEPED orders every 6-8 weeks.  If you have missed the deadline for a current order, we will place your order in the upcoming WEPED order.

Our electric scooter shipments travel by ship and arrive at the Port of Vancouver where they undergo customs examination and clearance. This journey usually takes 2 - 3 weeks. Upon its release to our warehouse, we do a quality inspection with tests on every single vehicle before shipping out to customers. We do this in the order that the pre-order was placed.

Delays are rare, but it happens! As with all shipments containing lithium ion batteries, customs exams can be more detailed than usual and delivery dates may change. The customs office unfortunately does not reveal any release dates to us. 

Can you let me know when you are about to place a special order for WEPED?

We unfortunately do not keep a call list, so kindly contact us for the most current special order deadline. 

How do I track my WEPED special order?

We know waiting can be tough, and we understand! Once the shipment arrives in port for customs examination, we will start updating everyone through email. You can also check the Order Updates page, found at the footer of our website.

What happens after Quality Inspections?

Store Pick-Up: We will call and send you an email when your electric scooter is ready for pick up. For local customers, we encourage you to pick-up in store so we can set up the escooter for you.

Shipping: After inspection and tests, your scooter gets repackaged for shipping out to you. A tracking number will automatically be sent to you by email. 

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