Setting Up the INOKIM Quick 4

This guide will walk you through unboxing and setting up your electric scooter. The start up guide for the INOKIM Quick 4 electric scooter.

Step 1: Open Box

Included in the box you will find a package containing a settings guide, a quality control checklist, user manual, charger, and multi-tool.

Step 2: Unbox Scooter

Lift your scooter out of the box and onto a flat surface.ย 

Step 3: Unfold Scooter

  • Ensure the red safety lock is unlocked.
  • Press down the red pedal in the folding mechanism and unfold the steering bar.
  • Pull up and push steering rod forward until you hear the click of the locking mechanism.
  • Secure the red safety lock before riding.


Folded Scooter:

  • Unlock the red safety lock to start folding.
  • Press down the red pedal while at the same time push the steering bar forward to release the folding mechanism.
  • Fold down until it clicks and is ready to be lifted.


Step 4:ย Fold / Unfold Handlebars

To fold the handlebars, pull the red collar outward and fold. Lift each handlebar until the red collar clicks into place.

Step 5: Brake Check

It's good practice to check the brakes are working before riding. Pull on either brake and give the scooter a slight push forward and backย ensuring that the brakes engage properly.

Step 6: Tire Pressure

Ensure both tires are inflated to 50 - 55 PSI. Use the provided valve extender, if your pump doesn't fit the scooter valve.

Step 7: Charging

Plug your charger into the wall. Open the rubber cover under the deck frame and connect the charger to the socket.ย 
Charging Indication:
RED Light - Battery charging
Green Light - Charging Completeย 

Step 8: Start your Scooter and Parking Mode

Hold down the power button 3 seconds to turn on the scooter. Once the scooter is turned On, it is in Parking Mode. To start riding you can do any of the following:
  • Short press on either brake handle.
  • Fast double tap the throttle.
  • Press once " - " or " + " or " Power Button "

ย Note: Please check if Parking Mode (P) is engaged before pressing on throttle.


To activate or deactivate kick-start, navigate to Page 1.7

Values Actions
ย 0 OFF
Kick-Start Enabled


After 30 seconds of no use, the scooterย entersย Parking Mode. After 3 minutes, the scooter will automatically turn off.

Step 9: Deck Lights

Hold down the " Light " button, to turn on deck lights. At night, the light sensor will automatically turn the lights on. This function can be adjusted for different sensitivity in darkness.

Step 10: Changing Speed Modes

Use the " + " and " - " buttons. Toggle through speed 1 through 3. These are speed limiters and act to limit your top speed when riding.

Download INOKIM Quick 4 User Manual

Enjoy your new ride! Please wear a helmet and protective gear before riding!