Limited Warranty

BY USING YOUR URBAN MACHINA ELECTRIC SCOOTER YOU AGREE TO THIS LIMITED WARRANTY. PLEASE READ THIS LIMITED WARRANTY CAREFULLY. IF YOU DO NOT ACCEPT THE TERMS OF THIS LIMITED WARRANTY, DO NOT USE YOUR URBAN MACHINA ELECTRIC SCOOTER. RETURN IT UNUSED FOR A REFUND. To benefit from the limited warranty, the customer is advised to read Urban Machina Inc. (“Urban Machina”) Limited Warranty terms together with the “important” and “care and maintenance” sections provided in the user manual. This limited warranty applies to the extent permitted by law and unless restricted or prohibited by law.

Limited Warranty Details

Urban Machina warrants that Urban Machina Inc. Electric Scooters (“Products” or “Product”), distributed by Urban Machina, are free from defects in material and workmanship, according to the following terms and conditions:

  1. This Limited Warranty extends to the original purchaser of the Product warranted under this warranty and to each transferree of the Product during the first twelve (12) months (depending on the product brand), beginning on the date of purchase of the product as stated below (“Warranty Period”). Original purchase receipt is required to proceed with warranty repairs.
  2. This Limited Warranty covers the Product and each of its following component parts (“Components”) only: a. Hub motor; b. Battery packs (except if battery was short circuited or seals of the battery enclosure or cells were broken or were tempered or the battery was used in equipment other than its intended use); c.Controller; d. Throttle and battery indicator unit; e. Charger unit; and f. All other electrical wiring and components.
  3. During the Warranty Period, Urban Machina or its authorized service centres will repair or replace, at Urban Machina’s option and without costs to the customer, any defective Components with new or factory rebuilt replacement items, and return the Products to the customer in working condition, provided that the terms and conditions of this Limited Warranty are met. All defective Products or Components that have been replaced shall become the properties of Urban Machina.
  4. Products and/or Components that have been repaired or replaced pursuant to the paragraph above will be covered by this Limited Warranty for the balance of the Warranty Period.
  5. This Limited Warranty will only be effective when presented together, to either Urban Machina or its authorised centres, with proof of date and place of purchase of Products such as the purchase receipt.

What this Limited Warranty does not cover:

  1. Products used for commercial purpose(s) including but not limited to leasing/hiring, use in competitions etc
  2. Any logistical costs of returning the Product to Urban Machina or its authorised service centres for servicing or the cost of returning the Product to the customer after servicing.
  3. Defects or damages resulting from use of the Product(s) other than its normal and customary manner as stated in the user manuals accompanying the Products.
  4. Defects or damages from improper storage, exposure to moisture or dampness, modifications, connections, repairs (except as carried out by Urban Machina or its authorised centres), misuse (including but not limited to exceeding manufacturer’s published weight limit), neglect, abuse, accident, alteration, improper installation, or other acts which are not the fault of Urban Machina, including damage caused by dropping, blown fuses, spills of food or liquid.
  5. Defects or malfunctions of the product not notified by customer during the Warranty Period.
  6. Products which have had their serial numbers removed or tampered with.
  7. This Limited Warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, express or implied either in fact or by operations of law, statutory or otherwise, including, but not limited to any implied warranty of marketability or fitness for a particular use.


  1. The customer understands the risk of serious injury or death in the operation of such products and shall agree to take the necessary precautions and exercise good judgement to avoid hazards and dangerous situations which may result in serious injury or death.
  2. The customer shall agree to indemnify and hold harmless Urban Machina from all injuries or death arising from the operation of the product.
  3. The use of safety and protective gear such as bicycle helmets is strongly encouraged. And so is the use of Good Judgement.
  4. The customer is advised to take the following precautions:
  • Do not ride on wet ground or in heavy rain;
  • Take corners slowly and look out for pedestrians;
  • Avoid potholes, curbs and debris on the ground;
  • Keep tires pumped to the specified pressure;
  • Dismount in places with heavy human traffic and push the scooter manually;
  • Service the product every 3 months on regular usage, 6 months for non-frequent usage;
  • Do not use product on public roads and respect local road regulations.

How to request service under this Limited Warranty:

To obtain performance of Urban Machina to repair and/or replace the Product or its Components under this Limited Warranty, the customer must, during the Warranty Period:

  1. Bring proof of purchase and the Product to Urban Machina.
  2. Provide Urban Machina with a written description of the problem.
  3. The average repair time is 3-7 days, excluding shipping time to and from our service centre. This warranty does not cover the shipping costs associated with the transportation of the scooter to and from our service centre, and a fee will be charged for return shipping or pick-up and delivery service.