A new series of EVOLV Tour e-scooters with increased power, safety, and rider comfort in 2020.ย 

Vancouver BC based EVOLV Rides has launched the "Tour 2.0" (pictured above) and "Tour XL" series of e-scooters. Ever-changing, this new generation of Tour e-scooters succeeds the popular mid-range and portable Tour series, first launched in 2018.ย 

The EVOLV Tour series lies in the value-packed category for riders looking for a step up from the EVOLV City and more portability than the dual motored EVOLV Pro. This scooter sits in the sweet spot for riders seeking a combination of power, comfort and portability.

The EVOLV Tour 2.0 stands out with its nimble build and neatly wrapped brake cables. It's the perfect urban rider for commuting and exploring any city.


Features of Tour 2.0 include:

Boost of Power:ย A powerful 48V 600W gearless motor sits in the rear wheel and capable of reaching a peak power of 1200W to help riders easily climb hills.ย 

Long-Lasting Battery: The LGย battery (standard on all Tour Series) allows the scooter to reach a top speed of 45 km/h (25 mph). A generous range of 35 - 40 km (22 - 25 miles) makes this a perfect option for a daily commute with extra time left for exploring.ย 

Sleek and Unique Design: Distinguishing itself visually from other e-scooters on the market, its grip tape is inspired by the Vancouver skyline and the silver deck reflects the light traveling down the acrylic tubes on the side.ย 

Smooth out the Bumps:ย A front spring suspension helps absorb shock from the first contact with obstacles on the road. Smoothly followed by a rear spring system to roll over large bumps.ย 

Dual Brakes: Dual low-maintenance drum brakes make the scooter safer to ride with efficient stopping power.

For more specifications: EVOLV Tour 2.0


The Tour XL (pictured below) is the larger sibling in the series for riders seeking additional comfort, stability and range.ย 


Features of Tour XL include:

Big Scooter, Bigger Commutes:ย ๏ปฟWith 10" tires and a longer deck, this scooter explores trails or city streets with ease. Dual suspension creates two points of shock absorption for maximum functionality and comfort.

Travel even Farther: Riders are able to choose between two LG battery options. The larger XL Plus can travel an extended distance of 50 - 55 km (31 - 34 miles).

Dual Brakes: Dual disc brakes gives the Tour XL powerful stopping power so riders can safely enjoy top speeds.

Illuminated Path:ย Individual buttons to easily turn on the headlight beam, rear light, and sound the horn when riding. The acrylic tube inside the deck is positioned low to the ground and helps to stay visible.ย 

For more specifications: EVOLV Tour XL


EVOLV Tour 2.0 and Tour XL are both open for pre-orders (end July delivery).