Meet the MUKUTA 10 Plus, the combination of the VSETT 10 Plus' best features and a wish list of elements brought to life!

Unrelenting Power: Dual Motor Powertrain

Both vehicles sport two 1,400W motor power which makes climbing hills as easy as pie! Ride up to a speed of 75 km/h / 46 mph and explore any terrain from packed gravel to forest trails. 

Folding Stability: Hook Lever Action

The VSETT 10 Plus' signature 3 factor folding hook has been consolidated to enable a more seamless folding experience in the MUKUTA 10 Plus. 

Extreme Comfort: Double the Suspension 

What's better than dual suspension springs in the VSETT? Quad suspension springs! The MUKUTA offers extreme comfort with four spring shocks to absorb any big bumps on the road.

Robust Frame Build

The MUKUTA doubles down on lights with two headlights, signal lights, and a light bar down the deck. The VSETT fenders shields from splashes and MUKUTA takes this a step further with adjustable tire huggers. Customize the MUKUTA fenders higher or lower from the tires to block debris from riding.

The Top Contender

Each escooter boasts impressive features and guarantee a high quality riding experience for off-road enthusiasts. Whether you ride the VSETT or MUKUTA escooter, you'll be choosing a vehicle with countless hours of industry experience behind it. 

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