INBOARD M1 Electric Skateboard (+ Free Skateboard Bag Bundle)


The Inboard M1 electric skateboard is the answer to efficient commuting, saving time and resources. It’s the first truly swappable battery for an electric skateboard. Never worry about traffic or waiting for a ride again.

The Inboard e-board story.

The Inboard M1 deck is a custom designed composite deck that combines an inverted 3D poplar wood core with full sandwich PU sidewalls. To ensure top quality and longevity, the deck is wrapped in the same fiberglass top sheet found in premium snowboard and skis. Integrated electronics, reinforced truck mounting points, and resilient TPU nose and tail bumpers at the rails result in a light and durable platform for a more responsive ride.

Travel Friendly

Check the M1 in for your travels, mark it as fragile, and carry-on up to three PowerShift Battery packs. Never worry about the wait for a ride at an airport again.

Splash Resistant

Splash resistant with an IP54 rating, damp streets are no problem for the M1.

Environmentally Friendly

Our products are alternative transportation options, designed to be efficient, eco-friendly and effective. The average commute from home to work is about 6km to 7km one way. Our foldable electric vehicles will eliminate the need to drive, and get you where you need to be without the use of a gas consuming vehicle. Urban Machina is committed to reducing the impact of carbon producing vehicles. Urban mobility is essential and affects our quality of life. Let’s navigate our beautiful cities, the earth-friendly way. Here’s more about us.


  • Range 11 km
  • Charge Time 90 mins
  • Top Speed 32 km/hr
  • Max Load 110 kg
  • Battery 43.2V
  • Weight 6.57 kg