Your VSETT Order Update

VSETT Order Update for VSETT 8+, VSETT 9+, 9+R, VSETT 10+ and 10+R.


29 March 2021


Shipment is on track for an estimated delivery in June 2021.

31 May 2021
Our VSETT Shipment (with your scooter) is estimated to arrive June 15, at the Port of Vancouver. It will then undergo customs examination and clearance because of the lithium-ion batteries.

As soon as it gets released to our warehouse, we will proceed to inspect and test all scooters before shipping out to you. This is an important process for us in order to ensure your scooter is in optimal shape when you receive it.


Order Update for VSETT 11+ Pre-orders.

Date Status
19 May 2021 Shipment for VSETT 11+ has an estimated delivery for July 2021.