10” x 2” tube 10” x 2” tube
10” x 2” tube 10” x 2” tube

10” x 2” tube

Valve Type

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If you have a flat, chances are, you will need to replace your tube. This is a 10″ replacement tube for both the front and rear tires of the INOKIM OX, OXO, Quick 3 + Super, EVOLV Pro, and Off-Road Tires.

Please read which tube valve angle is right for your scooter. 

45-Degree Valve Tubes 90-Degree Valve Tubes
INOKIM OXO INOKIM Quick 3 + Super (Rear Wheel)
Quick 3 + Super (Front Wheel) I-MAX
EVOLV Pro Onemile Halo


Here's a tutorial video on our YouTube page for an INOKIM OX Tire change. 

Dimensions: 10" x 2" x 2.5"